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Clinton First United Methodist Church is committed to spreading the love of Christ to all through worship and outreach. It is out mission to make disciples who will transform the world and show grace and love to all we meet. 

“…I was a stranger

and you welcomed me…”


     Words from the Gospel of Matthew are the foundation of our beliefs at First United Methodist Church. We believe that welcoming all persons into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is our highest purpose. Eternal salvation comes through Jesus Christ who offers His love, grace, and forgiveness to all. This means that whoever you are, regardless of race, color, age, national origin, status, or economic condition, you are welcome at Clinton First.

     As United Methodists, we believe that God is constantly calling us into a more committed relationship with Jesus Christ, no matter where we are on our spiritual journeys. We are a church that touches hearts and extends minds. We are a church that accepts people as they are, and yet we challenge each other to be better. We are a church that gathers to worship, and then are sent out to serve in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.

     We are a church that proclaims the gospel with enthusiasm and passion. We are a worldwide church, part of a larger Body of Christ that extends to all parts of the world.

     We are an open church. We believe that Christ welcomes all persons and that as His disciples, we are called to do the same. Jesus Christ is at the heart of everything we do. We are a church with a family spirit. That family spirit enables us to be there for each other in our joys and sorrows from the cradle to the grave. We believe in building the Kingdom of God, one person at a time. It is our belief that the Kingdom of God will be built by welcoming all persons into the fellowship of the church, nurturing their relationship with Jesus Christ, and then commissioning them into service for Christ into the world.

     If you are searching for something to believe in…or belong to….you are not alone. Our hearts, minds, and doors are open to you.

Meet the Staff


Rev. John Varden

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Gwenda Bizzle

Office Secretary


Leanna Wilkerson

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Deena Pittman

Director of Technology

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Cletus Murphy


Our History

     Clinton was a small settlement on the nation’s expanding frontier when a few families of Methodist persuasion banded together in the community to worship in the 1830’s. Spiritual guidance was usually provided by a circuit preacher who traveled by horseback over rough terrain in all kinds of weather. Other early churches which shared the ministry of the itinerant preacher with Clinton were Spring Hill, Moscow, Oakwood, Columbus, Milburn, Salem and Mt. Pleasant. The earliest date of a church in Clinton was 1843.


     By 1857 the growing congregation built log church at the corner of East Jackson Street and Waterfield Drive. The present sanctuary on South Washington Street was built during the years of 1876–1878.

     The 1876 edifice has undergone numerous changes until the present. Annexes were built in 1906, 1932 and 1949. The newest addition to the church, the Young Center, was added in 2004.

At least 90 pastors have served the church, and the church continues its wonderful history until today. Let us thank God for all those who have gone before us and for all those who will follow after.