JOY Group

Due to COVID JOY Group is currently not meeting

JOY stands for Just Over Youth and is an intentional ministry for men and women primarily over the age of 55. The group is not limited to any faith, denomination or race, meaning all are welcome! Normally meaning every third Wednesday of every month at noon for lunch and devotionals at the Hickman County Senior Citizens Center. The group also takes several trips a year and gathers at local nursing homes for events, including a monopoly money auction are Christmas time. 


At Clinton First United Methodist Church, we believe that welcoming all persons into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is our highest purpose. Eternal salvation comes through Jesus Christ who offers love, grace and forgiveness to all. This means that whoever you are, regardless of race, color, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, ability, status or economic condition, you are welcome.




210 South Washington Street

Clinton, KY 42031