• John Varden

Dealing with Disagreements

We disagree.  People you love, respect, and care for disagree with you on wearing or not wearing a mask in church.  These are people of deep, deep faith who want the best for their loved ones who do not wear masks.  And the same goes for those who wear masks. 

It kind of reminds of my college roommate, Tom Masterson.  One night we were going to sleep, talking about both of us being in Boy Scouts: rank, camping trips, etc.  Then Tom asked: “Are you a log cabin or teepee fire builder?  “I am a log cabin fire builder.”  “Which are you?”  I asked.  “Teepee” he responded.  There was a long silence.  Then Tom said: “Are you thinking ‘what an idiot’, because that is what I am thinking about you.”

If you know anything about making a camp fire, you know there are basically two types.  You can either lay the wood upright into a peak, like a teepee. 

Or you can build a basic square with large logs on the bottom and build overlapping in the style of a log cabin.

You will never convince the adherent to one style that the other is better.  Tom and I were at an impasse.  I, to this day, think a log cabin fire is better.  We had to agree to disagree.  (Though I will, with years of maturity, concede that there is a time and place for teepee fires, specifically if you need a very small fire.  Maybe even build a small teepee inside the log cabin.) 

I do not mean to belittle this argument over masks.  It is life or death situation.  No one wants to give or get Covid19.  But just like log cabin and teepee adherents, we cannot understand one another.  And we cannot convince one another one way or the other. 

What we need is grace.  And trust.  Even as we disagree.  I know some folks are not going to come to church unless everyone wears a mask.  And there are folks who will not come to church if we require masks.  So there is an impasse. 

If anyone has a solution, let me know.  Right now, either way, we will be leaving someone out of our life of faith on Sunday morning.



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