• John Varden

Trust in Him

In the middle of a pandemic, do we really have to deal with a racist killing? 

If you have not heard this news, Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in February of 2020 in the suburbs of Brunswick, Georgia.  He was out for a run and was thought to look like a suspect in a series of robberies.  Two men in a white truck pursued, parked and armed themselves, waiting.  There was a struggle and he was shot.

Arbery was black.  The father and son are white.  A video of the incident was released yesterday.  It is painful to watch.  Arbery goes around the truck, is confronted, they struggle, and he is shot.  An African American pastor friend of ours wrote after seeing this: “I can’t breathe.”

I am white.  I am male.   I never fear for my safety out on a run.  Maybe I should take my phone.  I do not.  I really have no idea the fear that spreads to my darker skinned brothers and sisters after news like this.  But I should try to understand.  I should care.

Today, do whatever you can to fight racism and racial bias.  Do whatever you can to assure someone who is afraid that you care.  You may not know what to do.  Pray that God will show you something.  Pray that God will show us all how to move past this deadly way of being in our country. 

Because God grieves in the face of racism.  God grieves because of this loss of life, and the fear and anger that spreads because of this kind of violence.  Pray for this father and son.  Pray for the family of Ahmaud Arbery.



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